The Mystery of Christ


Vatican II called for an updating of the philosophical and theological studies of seminarians, an updating that could apply to the efforts of every Christian: Their studies should “harmoniously work toward opening more and more the minds of the students to the mystery of Christ. For it is this mystery which affects the whole history of the human race, [and] continuously influences the Church …”

Optatum Totius, Decree on Priestly Training, 14

Participation in Divine Nature

“When God penetrates the soul with his nature, the soul experiences two effects: the first is an irresistible love, an attraction which subjugates her by means unknown to her … The second effect is, that the soul feels herself in some manner as participating in that divine nature. She sees by means of an irrefutable illumination that she comes from that God who manifests himself to her and that she returns to him. Moreover, although outside herself, in God she finds herself in her element and in her center; both God and the soul dissolving into one, she forgets her proper life and feels she is partaking of the Life of God.”

Lucie Christine

Cited in Magnificat, February 2018, page 118.