Fr. Timothy Vaverek, writing at The Catholic Thing, says that today many Christians are affected by a mistaken notion which sees “our sharing in God’s love [as] sometimes impractical or impossible. This crisis arose because Christian life ceased to be understood as a personal, communal participation in Jesus’ life.”

He adds that “divine love unites us to God in Christ, brings us true contrition, arouses hatred for sin and evil …” Even suffering, when it is a participation in God’s love, draws us “deeper into the crucified heart of the Risen Christ.” Then Christian life is no longer “misunderstood as a submission to abstract teachings rather than a participation in the life of Jesus.” Indeed, when participation in Christ is removed from a Christian’s awareness, “the demands of love take on the distorted appearance of legalistic obligations that sometimes seem merciless or unrealistic …”

It is a great mystery that Christians individually participate in the life of Christ: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” (Gal. 2:20). A renewed understanding of that participation transforms lives. The life of an entire parish, and the relationships among its parishioners, would also be profoundly affected if a pastor imparted a vision of the parish’s “communal participation in Jesus’ life.”

Click on this link, if you want to read the entire article in which Fr. Vaverek applies these truths to effectively clarify many of today’s contested moral issues. The article is worth your close attention!


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