The Man Who Divinizes

A book title in French commands attention: “L’homme qui divinise” (by Real Tremblay): “The Man Who Divinizes.” That is, a human-divine person, Christ in you, changes you so that you participate in his divine nature (2Peter 1:4) — in your very being, and in your actions. By a divine power, “the will, which hitherto willed evil, begins to will good” (Aquinas, ST I-II, Q3, A2). This “Man Who Divinizes” remains at work in the Christian as a new, permanent and heavenly “Power of my power” (cf., the song “Be Thou My Vision”), elevating the believer’s behavior as well as his nature. Certainly the Christian needs to grow accustomed to walking by faith in this grace, but he is continually aided to do so by the presence and activity of Another at work in him: “The Man Who Divinizes.”

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